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Add Healthy Heart Program to Classroom Advocacy Association

Implement activities into lesson plans that teach children how to maintain a healthy heart. Teaching children about choices from a young age may prevent chronic disease in the future. ... | Read More

Add Physical Activity to Classroom Website - other

Allow teachers to add 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity to the school day in addition to physical education classes. The TAKE10 Program is targeted at students in pre-school through 5th grade. ... | Read More

Adopt Healthy Vending Machine Policy Advocacy Association

Contra Costa County requires county owned/run facilities to have at least half of the products sold in their vending machines meet specific nutrition standards. ... | Read More

Advocate for Nutritious In-School Meals Advocacy Association

An estimated one sixth of American children are obese with a body-mass index at or above the 95th percentile. In 2007, the National School Lunch Program served 30.5 million children and an additional 10 million were served by the School Breakfast Program. By ensuring that these in-school meals are nutritious, communities across America can improve the health and future their children. Schools often report that federal funding is inadequate to purchase healthy menu items and they are often forced to supplement federal funds with proceeds from unhealthy vending machine sales. In 2011, congress blocked a bill backed by the USDA to improve the quality of food served by the School Lunch program. If Americans hope to overcome the epidemic of childhood obesity in this country, government funding for in-school meals must pay only for healthy, nutritious options, and junk foods must be removed from schools all together. Get involved! Let the PTA, the school board, local elected officials, and national representatives know that America's children deserve better than junk food! ... | Read More

Assist Women in Preparing Healthier Food Government - Federal

To address the public health issues of overweight and diabetes in Cochise County, the Cochise County Steps Program created a program that assists women in implementing improved nutritional choices into their lifestyle. ... | Read More

Be Proactive in Reducing Obesity at Work Government - Federal

Workplace obesity prevention programs can be an effective way for employers to reduce obesity and lower their health care costs, lower absenteeism and increase employee productivity. CDC has a free web-based resource that provides employers with tools to create an effective obesity prevention program for employees. ... | Read More

Choose Healthy Beverages Advocacy Association

To improve your health and the health of your family reduce consumption of drinks with added sugar and drink more water, 100% fruit juice and low-fat milk. If your family is currently used to drinking sugar-sweetened beverages, begin working gradually to replace them with healthier options. A fun way to incorporate drinking water into your family's daily routine is to make a game out of it, where members of the family compete to see who is drinking the most water in a week. ... | Read More

Combat Obesity Among Children Advocacy Association

Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta, a national leader in pediatric health care, has launched a program called Strong4Life to address the growing number of children with diseases once seen only in adults-such as hypertension, liver and kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. The program is focused around four simple ideas to help families stay healthy - Eat Right, Be Active, Get Support and Have Fun. The program includes a campaign to increase awareness of the childhood obesity epidemic through billboards, ads and commercials throughout Atlanta as well as an interactive website. The online tool provides parents and families with more information on obesity and the related health risks, tips on how families can partner with their physician to improve a child's health through weight loss, and a variety of simple ideas and tips for parents on how to stop obesity in their own home. ... | Read More

Complete a Health Check & Action Plan Advocacy Association

Take this 5 minute health assessment offered from the American Cancer Society and receive a personalized action plan that you can take to your doctor. This action plan is a great way to initiate a conversation about your health with your doctor. ... | Read More

Convert Old Rail Corridors into Trails Advocacy Association

Convert out-of-service rail corridors into trails. Link parks, trails, and greenways to local destinations of interest to ensure that walking and bicycling trips are as convenient as using a car. In the Washington DC area,the Capital Crescent Trail was converted from an old rail road track into to a paved trail that is now used heavily for physical activities such as cycling, walking and jogging. ... | Read More


People everywhere are taking action – and they’re making a difference. From developing better eating and exercise habits to encouraging others to quit smoking, folks all across the nation are banding together to help make this country healthy. Read these three stories of success and find your inspiration to improve the health of your community.

Healthy Minnesota 2020

State seal of MinesotaThe Minnesota Department of Health has dynamically utilized America’s Health Rankings to build successful partnerships and action plans to improve health outcomes in their state.

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Live Well STL

Mary Jo Condon updates the progress of the Live Well STL initiative.  With support from United Health Foundation and the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), the St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition and the Midwest Health Initiative, developed Live Well STL to support St. Louis area residents in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

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Now in its fourth year, the MaineHealth Health Index Initiative was launched in 2009-10 with the two-fold aim of: 1) Engaging MaineHealth, Maine’s largest integrated health system, and its partners to use health data to inform needs and opportunities to improve the health of the nearly 1.0 million people in the 11 counties served by the MaineHealth system, and 2) Monitor improvements made in health status over time

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