By America's Health Rankings, 05/17/2021

Stakeholder Toolkit

Welcome to the 2021 Senior Report Toolkit With the release of the 2021 Senior Report, America’s Health Rankings is excited to offer a toolkit of new, customizable resources to help users share important trends and highlights with colleagues and communities. Download the toolkit here. The toolkit includes materials to help share key findings and insights

By America's Health Rankings, 10/14/2020

America’s Health Rankings Health of Women and Children Data 2020 Update

The United Health Foundation is pleased to provide the America’s Health Rankings Health of Women and Children Data 2020 Update. America’s Health Rankings’ purpose is to inform and drive action to build healthier communities by offering credible, trusted data – at the local, state or national level – for improving health and health care. With

By America's Health Rankings, 06/22/2020

How America’s Health Rankings Helps Tackle Social Isolation

Robert’s Story Robert, a veteran living in California, has several health challenges. But his biggest challenge actually may be social isolation. Social isolation – defined as the absence of meaningful social relationships – is a growing public health challenge among seniors in particular. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, one in five Americans say

By America's Health Rankings, 06/22/2020

New model revealed with America’s Health Rankings Senior Data 2020 Update

In the last decade, public health has evolved to emphasize the need to improve social and economic drivers of health in order to achieve health equity and improve population health. The public health sector cannot do this work alone, the support and participation of other public and private sectors and community partners is necessary to

By America's Health Rankings, 06/22/2020

America’s Health Rankings: Explore Health Topics

In the Explore Health Topics feature, users can view and compare state values for groups of related measures. Measures are grouped by topic and may be correlated, have similar origins or causes, or provide additional context, such as displaying food insecurity, supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) reach, and demographic characteristics like median household income alongside

By America's Health Rankings, 06/22/2020

COVID-19: Underlying Conditions and Risk Factors

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health is complex and multifaceted; it affects people and populations differently. Risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19 is influenced by demographics such as age, race, education and income; chronic conditions and behaviors such as obesity and smoking; and social and economic factors such as housing and

By America's Health Rankings, 09/09/2019

Obesity Through the Years

Obesity is a major health concern in the United States, impacting nearly one in three adults. In the 30 years that America’s Health Rankings has been compiling public health information, the prevalence of obesity climbed by more than 170 percent. In 1990, 11.6 percent of American adults were obese. Today, that percentage has risen to

By America's Health Rankings, 02/15/2019

Using America’s Health Rankings as a Resource

Interview with Dr. Anna Schenck, University of North Carolina The America’s Health Rankings team spoke with Dr. Anna Schenck of the University of North Carolina to learn how she uses the resources and data provided at Dr. Schenck serves as Professor of the Practice and Director of the Public Health Leadership Program at the

By America's Health Rankings, 01/31/2019

Interview with Dr. David Lakey, University of Texas System

Using America’s Health Rankings Resources at the State Level The America’s Health Rankings team spoke with Dr. David Lakey of the University of Texas System to learn how he uses the resources and data provided at Dr. Lakey serves a dual role as the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at

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