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Figure 6 - 2015–2016 Change in Rank

Change in Rank

Alaska, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania saw the greatest improvements in rank from 2015, while Kansas, Michigan, and Ohio dropped in the rankings (Figure 6). Alaska climbed 10 places from 31st to 21st, with an increase in nursing home quality and decrease in hospital deaths. New Jersey also jumped 10 ranks from 26th to 16th, with an increase in nursing home quality and decrease in food insecurity. Pennsylvania jumped 7 places from 25th to 18th, with decreases in both smoking and physical inactivity. All three states that dropped in the rankings experienced an increase in food insecurity. Kansas and Ohio also experienced an increase in obesity, while Michigan saw an increase in physical inactivity.
Several states also saw notable improvements in the rankings over the past three years. Rhode Island jumped from 30th to 11th, with improvements in preventable hospitalizations (24% decrease), smoking (23% decrease), and seniors reporting very good or excellent health (18% increase). Alaska improved from 39th to 21st, with a 27% decrease in hip fractures and 16% reduction in poverty. New Jersey also jumped from 28th to 16th, with a 19% decrease in hip fractures and 10% increase in volunteerism. All three states made strides in reducing food insecurity and hospital deaths over the past three years. Food insecurity decreased 44% in Alaska, 4% in New Jersey, and 18% in Rhode Island, while hospital deaths decreased 24% in Alaska, 31% in New Jersey, and 39% in Rhode Island.

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