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The 2022 edition of the America’s Health Rankings® Health of Those Who Have Served Report reviews the past ten years of data to provide a comprehensive look at the health of those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, capturing key trends, challenges and areas of progress in order to spark meaningful dialogue and action to improve the health of men and women who have served.
America’s Health Rankings encourages you to utilize the resources below to share these data and insights with your colleagues and communities to better understand the unique health challenges of those who have served and to support efforts to connect them with the care they need.

Suggested Uses for the America’s Health Rankings Health of Those Who Have Served Report Action Toolkit:
  • Customize the sample Newsletter Template and share it in your organization’s next newsletter or organization-wide email.
  • Share the Executive Brief on social media and describe how you’ll use the findings to address the health needs of those who have served.
  • Use graphics from the Key Highlights Slide Deck in your next conference presentation, policymaker briefing document or social media post.
  • Print the Executive Brief and distribute it at your next in-person event or conference.
  • Present the Key Highlights Slide Deck to your colleagues to kick off a discussion about ways to support the mental health and overall well-being of those who have served.
  • Use data from the Executive Brief or other America’s Health Rankings materials in conversations with public health leaders and policymakers as you advocate for solutions that meet the health needs of the military community.
See how experts plan to use the report’s findings to advance the health of the military community:
America’s Health Rankings also encourages you to visit toolkits from past reports for insights on other populations:
Please contact us here with any questions at all regarding the data, Toolkit, reports or web platform.

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